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why impact corry?

According to the 2010 United States Census, the City of Corry has a population of 6,605. The City of Corry is located in the Corry Area School District, whose population is 14,883, according to 2000 federal census data. Impact Corry works to serve all residents in the City of Corry and the Corry Area School District.

Recent Corry accomplishments to date include:

  • Over one million square feet of vacant industrial space redeveloped and occupied

  • An industrial park created and filled

  • Expansion onto new industrial land

  • One of the largest (per capita) revolving loan funds in the Commonwealth of PA

  • New Middle and High School with well-maintained sports fields including new AstroTurf in the stadium

  • State-of-the art critical access hospital constructed

  • Brand new 38-room hotel constructed

  • Downtown facades redeveloped and updated

However, there are still problems that need to be addressed.

Why is this?

The answer is simple: the various groups were independently doing great work on their own projects, but did not pursue coordination with other groups to work towards a community action plan. The community is now primed and ready to implement Community Development, which is defined by the United Nations as, “a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems.” Local leaders and business owners have joined forces to combine their individual abilities and resources for the greater good.

Impact Corry was re-positioned in 2019 to facilitate cooperation and coordination among all relevant groups and entities in Corry.


Every community needs a ‘go to’ organization … one that’s always looking for new opportunities, and is flexible and adaptable enough to respond when those opportunities present themselves. In Corry, that’s Impact Corry.
— Steve Bishop, Former Impact Corry President


we are #corryproud


BOARD OF Directors

Bill Nichols — Corry Community Foundation

Russ Warner — Arlene Smith Foundation

Brad Allen — Corry Neighborhood Initiative

Dave Sample — Corry Area Industrial Development

Tom Roche — Corry Industrial Benefit Association

Pat Goodsel — Community Leader

Karen Croyle — Human Services

Shawn Gross — Manufacturing

Bill Roche — City Council

Bob Grice — Redevelopment Authority

Sandy McClellan — Community Education


Bill Nichols — President

Pat Goodsel — Vice President

Dave Sample Treasurer

Brad Allen — Secretary

Jason Biondi — City Manager

Rick Novotny — Economic Development

Sandy McClellan — Community Education

Ex-Officio Support Staff

Rick Novotny — Economic Development

Sheri Yetzer — Corry Area School District

Mayor Dave Mitchell — City Government

Barb Nichols — LECOM, Corry Memorial Hospital

Jason Biondi — City Manager

Len Clark — Community Leader


Len Clark — President

Sandy McClellan — Treasurer

Chelsea Oliver — Secretary

Marty Radock — Rails-to-Trails

Mike Christensen — Manufacturing

Lisa Cox — Community Wellness

Tom VanTassel — Corry RAILS

Mandi Johnson — Manufacturing

Betsy Grinder — Community Leader



community development director

Chuck Headshot.jpg


“I have personally known Chuck for about four years and have come to respect her insight, passion and vision. Having lived for years in other states, Chuck has an interesting perspective on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to culture creation, community and economic development, tourism and marketing. I often lean on her insight regarding these areas for the future of Warren County. Chuck has proven her leadership, organization and acumen in an invaluable way to the County when she chaired and led the Commissioners’ Marketing Taskforce by doing compression planning, as well as the 2018 Human Services Summit.

One of Chuck’s greatest characteristics is the passion she brings to everything she does. She is an insatiable learner and encourager, Chuck is always willing to listen to ideas and encourage further development. A winning, sincere personality is the hallmark of my every interaction with Chuck. That charisma, coupled with her work ethic and care for others makes her a prime candidate for whatever she turns her hand to.”

- Benjamin Kafferlin, Warren County Commissioner


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