Erie Gives really is Corry Gives

You may have heard of Erie Gives and thought it was an event exclusive to “Erie.”  But, this one day of giving results in many local Corry nonprofit organizations realizing donations that are meaningful to their existence.

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Chelsea Oliver
Impact Corry hires development director to further mission of continuous improvement

Impact Corry has hired Charles Eurydice Gray to be our Community Development Director. Charles also known as “Chuck,” a woman, currently resides in Warren Pennsylvania and is in the process of moving to Corry.

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Corry organizations step up efforts to eliminate blight

Blight in our community has one more enemy, as Impact Corry joins Corry Neighborhood Initiative (CNI – local volunteer group focused on blight removal) in the fight.

The dictionary defines blight as “a thing that spoils or damages something.”  It only takes a bit of driving around Corry to observe there is an issue with property blight.  As efforts continue to improve Corry, addressing blight is a high priority for Impact Corry.

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Impact Corry reorganizes to advance community development

People with a passion for improving Corry are coming together.

Over the years, Corry has seen various groups and organizations striving to make Corry a better place to live, work and raise a family.  Often those efforts were independent of each other and lacked the alignment and unity needed to bring about significant change and leverage multiple organizational resources towards a common goal. 

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